Sabor by Nieves Barragan Mohacho

Sabor: My Spanish CookingMy rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a gorgeous book! From the quality of the cover/binding to the gorgeous photos and fascinating recipes, I really enjoyed this book.

Flipping through the book, Migas caught my eye. I love the ‘cucina povera’ type cooking, though it cracks me up that recipes that used to be made by the poor people because it’s what they had can be quite expensive to make as some of those ingredients are now pricey for us to get hold of! Migas is one of those dishes. Stale bread combines with chorizo, pine nuts, hazelnuts, marcilla (a Spanish black pudding I neither really wanted or could even find), sherry and more to create a flavorful and filling dish. It was quite easy to make, and I really enjoyed it.

My husband is watching what he eats, counting macros, etc, so when I saw Prawns Cooked in Salt, I knew I had to make them for him. Wow! These are so easy to make, and the flavor is lovely!! The same night I made Potato & Chorizo Stew for the rest of us. In full disclosure, I could not find anywhere in town the type of chorizo you can cut into chunks (the joys of living in South Dakota!), so for this recipe I actually used beef smoked sausage instead. It was delightful!! We all thoroughly enjoyed it!!

To finish us off, my daughter decided to make Thin Apple Tart. Well, it definitely didn’t turn out quite the way it was supposed to as she misunderstood some of the directions, but the flavor was still there, and there was nothing left of it that night!!

This is a charming book giving a peek into a Spanish kitchen that is sure to delight. We’ve enjoyed it, and I think you will, to!

I received a copy of this book from Trafalgar Square Publishing through IPG for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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